Pregnancy Weeks 11 to 13

Pregnancy weeks 11 to 13 is getting closer to the second trimester of the pregnancy. Pregnancy weeks 11 to 13 is a busy time for the growing foetus and the weekly pregnancy calendar will look at your body changes and the foetal development through pregnancy weeks 11 to 13. Read more to find out how the pregnancy is changing at a weekly rate.

Pregnancy Week 11

Week 11

Pregnancy week 11 is 63 days post conception and marks the nearing of the second trimester meaning that the chances of having a miscarriage are greatly reduced.

The uterus will change at this stage of pregnancy as it will grow from the pelvis bones in an upward motion, this means that it will be possible for the midwife to feel the uterus (also called the fundus) and tip the top of it gently just by feeling the stomach.

Slightly dark markings start to appear in a vertical line on the abdomen which is normal and referred to as the Linea Nigra.

Most women do not feel their baby until later stages of pregnancy, but it is possible for some women to sense their baby at pregnancy week 11.

Foetal Development at 77 Days Pregnant

Again growing rapidly since last week the foetus is now measuring around 5cm in length and weighs about 8 grams, the growth rate of the foetus will continue in this fashion for the next six months allowing the foetus to gain enough strength to cope alone on the outside of the womb when the time comes.

All of the necessary parts that the foetus needs to survive and exist are now present and functioning properly. The fingers and toes have completed the separation process fully and are stretched and flexed regularly and in the gums the foetus has around 20 baby teeth already formed.

The taste buds are fully developed and the foetus can taste the amniotic fluid that they are surviving in. Breathing is fully functional although at the moment the foetus is breathing amniotic fluids into the lungs, which strengthens the muscles (referred to as the diaphragm) enabling the foetus to expand their lungs.

Sucking and swallowing reflexes are developing from pregnancy week 11, but will not be fully developed until around pregnancy weeks 24 to 28.

The foetus now has a good production of gastric juices in the stomach and the kidneys are now functioning properly in the correct role of secreting the fluids into the bladder, although this fluid is not yet classed as urine, development is still ongoing and will continue throughout the pregnancy up until birth.

The sexual organs of the foetus are still not recognisable as either male or female yet to the naked eye as they are still developing, but they are forming individual shape which will be the tell tale signs of either a male or female foetus. The whole process is coming together as the gonads or the testes (boys) or ovaries (girls) are starting to move into position during this stage of pregnancy. If testes then the centre tissue of the shaft develops into a penis and if ovaries then the size of the shaft reduces and develops into a clitoris, the remaining tissue on each side of the shaft either develops into the scrotum or labia depending on male or female development.

The foetus should become even more active during this week of pregnancy as the muscle tissues are forming and would simply waste away causing joint seizure and brittle bones if they were not used. The movements will be frequent and more co-ordinated as the foetus remains awake it will be constantly stretching, flexing and kicking.

Ultrasound at 11 Weeks Pregnant

The crown to rump length of the foetus is about 5cm long at week 11 of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week 12

Week 12

Pregnancy week 12 is now 70 days after conception and is the last week of the first trimester of pregnancy and the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy is the first three months of being pregnant and the second trimester of pregnancy is the second three months of being pregnant.

The uterus will continue to grow in an upward motion out of the bones of the pelvis which will relieve the pressure from the bladder.

Expect your waistline to begin to thicken more this week with the growth of the foetus.

The possibility of feeling the foetus moving around is greater in week 12 of pregnancy.

Foetal Development at 84 Days Pregnant

The foetus will now weigh approximately 30 grams and will measure approximately 7 cm as a growth spurt has been evident.

The placenta which is a supply of oxygen, fats, proteins vitamins and minerals of the foetus is now fully functional and working properly. The placenta also carries out the diffusion process which means that all waste material and carbon dioxide are filtered through the placental tissues that are part of the uterus. The diffusion process is carried out easily because the blood vessels of both the foetus and the expectant mother are literally side by side yet still separate.

Although the placenta filters out carbon dioxide and waste materials from the foetus it is not possible to remove alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, medications, drugs and viruses that can still be passed through the bloodstream from the expectant mother to the foetus. These substances can have an affect on the growth and development of the foetus.

The bowels are now more advanced being able to contract and expand (which is known as peristalsis). Also the bowels will start the slow process of producing a bowel movement, this will be a greeny black thick sticky substance expected to be passed shortly after the birth and then called meconium.

Ossification of the bones of the foetus will increase this week, meaning that the soft cartilage bones will begin to harden in the centre.

Very fine whiskers will begin to line the upper lips and eyebrows of the foetus in week 12 of pregnancy.

Ultrasound at 12 Weeks Pregnant

The crown to rump length of the foetus is about 7cm in length at week 12 of pregnancy.

the doppler can be used to measure the heartbeat of the baby with clearer results.

Pregnancy Week 13

Week 13

Pregnancy week 13 is the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy. The second trimester of pregnancy is the second stage of pregnancy, from week 13 to week 28 of your pregnancy or month three to month six of pregnancy.

The removal of the pressure from the bladder is said to be a huge relief in pregnant women and a sudden new lease of energy and happiness has been reported to happen to women during pregnancy week 13.

You may notice little changes to your body like sudden nosebleeds or gums bleeding when brushing teeth. These changes are usually due to the levels of the hormone progesterone being increased and this happens in the placenta.

The growth of the foetus is more evident now in week 13 of pregnancy as clothing around the waistline may appear to be more restricting as the stomach tightens up and starts to protrude a little. You will definately be able to notice the changes to your stomach and feeling fat is a common response from expectant mothers in week 13 of their pregnancy.

During week 13 of pregnancy you could now be able to feel the baby moving inside of you, but with some uncertainty, this will become more certain in the coming weeks.

Foetal Development at 91 Days Pregnant

The foetus will now be weighng around 50 grams and should be measuring approximately 8.5cm in length. as a growth spurt has been evident.

The growth of the feotus is more rapid as each week passes and little movements by the foetus are said to be felt and described like flutters. The head of the foetus however does grow faster than that of the body of the foetus, but this is perfectly normal. The midwife upon examination of your tummy should be able to feel for the fundus, the fundus is the medical term for the top of the uterus.

The foetus will now be developing a gag reflex and growth of the nasal passages takes place in week 13 of pregnancy.

The bowels are still advancing and meconium is still being produced within the bowels. Meconium is the bowel movement producing faeces.

Ossification of the bones of the foetus will continue now the process as begun, which again means the soft cartilage bones are beginning to strengthen from the centre outwards.

Ultrasound at 13 Weeks Pregnant

us w13
Ultrasound Scan at Week 13

The ultrasound scans at 13 weeks pregnant show the developing foetus with ease. The definition of the growing foetus can be clearly seen on this scan picture.

The measurement of the crown to rump length of the foetus is about 8.5cm in length at week 13 of pregnancy.

The doppler can definately be used to measure the heartbeat of the baby with much clearer results at week 13 of pregnancy.