Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills are not defined by marital status

Parenting Skills are not defined by marital status

Parenting skills are not defined by marital status, in fact whether being a married or single family, parenting skills should not affect the parental bonds that we form with our children, single parents can have just the same parental skills as a married or extended family.

Sound practical parenting skills are easy to achieve and yet so often overlooked, all you have to do is get the basic parenting skills in place and the rest just follows naturally with your children. It really is that simple, every parent can develop and achieve these skills as we walk through life with our families.

Basic Parental Skills

Good Basic Parenting skills are evident in all you do:-

  • Give Praise and Recognition to your children when earned
  • Remember that Your child and their welfare is paramount
  • Be consistent with punishments

Childs Unconditional Love

A childs unconditional love for their parents is one of the topmost rewarding concepts of parenting, so get the basic parental method right and you will have a healthy relationship with your children

Some people give off negative vibes in front of their children which can affect the parental relationship bonds

For example when they fight or argue which can confuse the children, or put the children into situations where they are forced to choose between parents.

No matter what the situation if you provide the children with the right parental environment then you too will be rewarded as any good maternal parent should.

The environment needs to be one that is caring, friendly and reinforced with good discipline in order and stress free then you will see the children respect you and love you unconditionally.