LMR Crafts

Mamma's Spooon at LMR Crafts
Mamma’s Spooon at LMR Crafts

LMR Crafts – Recommended Website

I have just found this brilliant website that is creating and making personalised gifts using the art of pyrography. As a parent and childcare professional, I can see the potential for custom made and personalised gifts for our children. From what I have read and understand on LMR Crafts, the lady who is hand making the products is a doting mother.

She says that her business was born from the frustration of not being able to find key rings or accessories with her daughters name on. I can certainly relate to that, especially if your children have unusual names! Some of the designs and ideas look perfect and I will definitely be looking at a couple of purchases here. I know that my children are easy to please and would be thrilled with their own door hanger.

Everything is hand created from scratch on wood and uses the art of pyrography, this means that her products will last forever. I suppose that her products will make superb keepsakes when they have served their purpose too. With a huge and growing range of products to buy for our beloved children, I have a suspicion that LMR Crafts is going to do very well. I am going to make LMR Crafts a recommended website for parents who want that extra special gift for their children.