Full Time Mum

As a full time mum I never ever wanted to leave my children and go out to work, but times are hard now and employment for me as a full time mum of three was the only answer to support my children.

My three childrenAnyway I divided the summer holidays amongst the family to benefit both myself, my children and the extended family, for me it was a win win situation because everybody in my family was happy.

The first two weeks with the children are mine, their father who also is at work full time has the second two weeks with the children and the last fortnight is shared with the grandparents who each take a week from work to look after the children.

My only regret is that the children must feel passed from pillar to post because me as a parent that has to work in a full time job and juggle the holidays in this fashion, but what other options do we have nowadays without passing them on to strangers in day care units?

I understand that every mum wishes that she could be at home with her children, but working a job does put meals on the table and full time work means more enjoyment from life with little luxories that an unemployed mother cannot always afford. My advise to all single mothers is if you can afford to stay at home whilst your children are young, then do so, but if money problems are causing unhappiness then look for a part time job to give quality of life. You only have to work 16 hours a week to still qualify for working families tax credits.