Encouraging Outdoor Play

Encouraging Outdoor Play
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The importance of encouraging outdoor play is a controversial subject that can be argued, both for and against. All children have the basic right to fresh air and exercise, this is a primary need that must be met. Quite often there are things that get in the way of being outdoors and keep children indoors. For example, the weather. If it’s pouring with rain, children tend to be kept inside. When it’s too sunny and hot, children are often kept inside. Even if the pollen count is high, again some children are kept indoors.

As parents we do what we think is right to keep our children safe and protect them. When it’s raining, could we not put appropriate clothing on to protect children from getting soaked, but still allow them to play in the rain? When the sun is out, could we not apply sun cream and let them experience the warmth of the sunshine? There’s always an answer to be found and every problem, preventing outdoor play has a solution too.

Encourage Outdoor Learning

Fairy Sunflower House at Showcase Living
Fairy Sunflower House

Look at encouraging outdoor play through different eyes and see the bigger picture here. Every part of the outdoors is a learning stimuli for developing children, right through to teenagers. When children are always indoors, then those children are missing out on valuable learning opportunities and explorative play. The back garden of the home, if you are lucky enough to have one is the perfect place to start encouraging outdoor play.

There are so many ideas costing little to nothing that could have such a huge impact on learning without even trying. There are some amazing products out there that could benefit your family which cost next to nothing and last for years. The magic begins here; see some of the products that we have found to assist with outdoor learning.

Products to Encourage Outdoor Learning

Here is a list of some of the products out there to encourage learning outdoors in a fun way.

Fairy Tree House

Fairy Sunflower House