Meningitis Septicaemia Rash

The Meningitis Septicaemia Rash
The Meningitis Septicaemia Rash

Meningitis septicaemia rash is a symptom of blood poisoning caused by septicaemia and is highly common with Meningitis.

Once you have seen the meningitis septicaemia rash yourself it is quite distinctive and easily recognisable. Identifying the rash is key, so know what you are looking for by doing research.

Starting out as a tiny cluster of blood spots, the septicemia rash will grow if left untreated and will look similar to dark reddish bruises on the surface of the skin.

The meningitis rash is easy to differentiacte from other rashes because not only does it fail to dissappear under a meningitis glass test, but the rash is also quite unique and distinctive.

The meningitis septicaemia rash is usually the first visual sign of meningitis and you as a parent need to be familiar with how the rash looks and DO the meningitis glass test as soon as possible.

I would always advise my family and friends that “if you are unsure, go straight to the hospital. What have you got to lose?” You will either be seen and treated quickly or sent home with an eased conscience. Child safety is paramount to anything else.