Earwax Blockage Cerumen Impaction

Earwax Blockage Cerumen Impaction
Earwax blockage Cerumen Impaction is generally due to the over-production of earwax by glands in the outer ear canal and can be uncomfortable for babies and toddlers in particular. Earwax blockage Cerumen Impaction is also said to be caused by bacteria entering the ear canal and getting trapped.

Earwax Blockage Cerumen Impaction is another common childhood illness, but is also not unheard of in adulthood. Children tend to suffer more than adults though, simply because they are unable to tell us accurately where the pains are coming from and leaving us parents guessing can often lead to a later diagnosis.

Earwax Cerumen is normally made as a layer of protection for the eardrum and canal. The earwax Cerumen traps dust and drastically reduces the growth of bacterias in the ear canal.

In some cases people can over produce this earwax Cerumen and cause a blockage known as an Impaction. If an earwax blockage Cerumen Impaction is untreated it can become serious and may even lead to partial hearing loss or in the most extreme cases it could cause premature deafness. Try not to panic as a parent as earwax blockages are very common and are usually spotted quickly as we know our babies better than anyone.

Signs and Symptoms of Earwax Blockage Cerumen Impaction

blockage main
Earwax in the ear canal
  • Vast amounts of earwax in the ear canal can be seen
  • Ringing sounds in the ear
  • In rare cases some pain in the ear

Incubation Period of Earwax Blockage Cerumen Impaction

There is no Incubation Period associated with an Earwax Blockage Cerumen Impaction.

Treatment for Earwax Blockage Cerumen Impaction

Treatment of Cerumen Impaction
Do not try to remove the earwax blockage yourself

Normally it is easy to remove an earwax blockage cerumen Impaction using non-prescription eardrops.

Always follow the instructions on the container. Avoid drenching the childs ear with water or any other fluids. Any treatment into the ear should be carefully allowed to flow gently into the ear canal. Contact your childs GP for further medical advice or treatment if this fails to clear the blockage or impaction, or if your childs hearing is still not as normal.

Under no circumstances must you attempt to remove the earwax Cerumen from the childs ear canal using any device such as cotton buds as this can push the earwax blockage Cerumen Impaction further inside the childs ear.