Britax Baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat

Britax baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat in Black Thunder
Britax baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat in Black Thunder

The Britax Baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat are designed with safety and comfort in mind. Britax Baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat are leading the car seat market at the moment when it comes to choosing a suitable small person carrier. The The Britax Baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat has won many awards since 2010 for their comfort design and safety features including the Mother and Baby Gold Award in 2014. The Britax Baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat come with a fantastic choice of six colours, making the old decisions of pink or blue seem dated. The Britax Baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat looks chic and stylish, but more importantly is super safe. Britax pride themselves with their extensive safety testing and it really is obvious with their finished products. Such a safety conscious decision should not be taken lightly when the safety of your child is involved. Always look at all of the options available to you when purchasing safety equipment.


Cool Berry Purple colour
Cool Berry Purple colour

Aesthetically speaking the Britax Baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat range is stunning. This car seat comes with a wide range of colourful fabric options. There are six in total which are pleasing on the eye and will suit many a vehicle for that picky parent who likes matching colour schemes. The Black Thunder colour is the most popular selling colour and you can see why when most car interiors are dark colours. The Chilli Pepper Red colour is vibrant and exciting, the Cactus Green and Sky Blue colours are fresh, bright and suit many tastes and vehicle colours. Cool Berry Purple colour is just beautiful though and my ultimate favourite, this is the car seat that I purchased for my little princess. The neutral Fossil Brown colour offers a toned down appearance if you are not into the vivid colours. I could almost envisage the chilli pepper red seat inside my red coloured car, but still went with the cool berry purple, which still matched some of my interior, bonus.


Chilli Pepper Red colour
Chilli Pepper Red colour

The functionality of the Britax Baby Safe Plus II SHR Car Seat offers some fantastic safety features that are tested to perfection.  The Britax Baby Safe Plus II SRH Car Seat was designed to go straight from the car to the pushchair and suits many models of the Britax B ranges.  With one simple click of the 3 position carry handle, the carried car seat fits snugly into position with the pushchair frame and then the Single Handed Release (SHR) button enables a swift movement from pushchair back to car seat mode.

The car seat fits into the car with the 3-point seat belt system of the car. The materials used are deeply soft, super comfortable and all are easy to remove for washing. The base of the car seat is curved by design making feeding and rocking easy. The reclining seat position and headrest are adjustable for comfort. The 5-point safety harness is adjustable by hand and boasts padded chest straps for comfort.

The carry handles offer a comfortable carrier for parents with their brand new soft touch carry handles, no more red marks on arms when transporting that precious cargo from car to pram and visa versa. The SHR also enables the car seat to fit perfectly within the Britax Baby Safe Isofix Base as the child gets older. Also available is the weather protector offering UV protection from the sunshine and a break from the winds.

D-Sip Technology
D-Sip Technology
D-Sip Technology

The Britax Baby Safe Plus II SRH Car Seat also boasts top Class safety features such as the superior D-Sip Technology.The D-SIP system is basically a device that is shaped like a “D” and is fitted onto both sides of the handle offering protection against a side impact collision. This state of the art design was developed to divert crash impact force away from your child, should an accident occur.

The D-Sip technology is second to none and has been created,  developed, designed, updated and tested by Britax in order to offer the best science technology behind child safety possible, making this car seat very popular amongst would be parents.


Blue Sky colour
Blue Sky colour

The car seat is so easy to carry and transport that I would highly recommend this product. Just one click of the handle to lift out of the car and then one click again to fit it within the pushchair. It doesn’t come much easier than that. The fact that all of the padded interior is both removable and washable is also very practical for mothers and fathers on the go. The attractive style of the car seat and the ease of transporting your precious cargo safely make this car seat even more practical for modern parents. I would definitely recommend the Britax baby safe plus car seat for your new arrival, because I myself purchased this one for mine. Although I was mainly safety conscious and this was why I purchased the Britax over their competitors, I was also swayed by the ease of use and practicality of the product.

Value for Money

Cactus Green Colour
Cactus Green Colour

The Britax baby Safe Plus II SRH Car Seat is great value for money. It retails at around £100-£120 at most leading baby care shops and at that price is an absolute bargain. You are paying a reasonable amount of money for a super safe product. I have the Cool Berry purple seat and I am always looking to buy cheap and affordable products for my children. This car seat offers a safety element that money cannot buy and this alone was how I decided when roaming through the vast ranges of car seats for my angel. There is such a varying price range when it comes to infant car seats and I searched the whole range. The most expensive seats topped £350, which was way more than I had to pay and the cheaper ones came in at around £80. This seemed way too cheap and so I went for an average price and thought that I had chosen well.


Fossil Brown colour
Fossil Brown colour

Specifications of the Britax Baby Safe Plus II SRH Car Seat are as follows:

  • Group 0+ (0 – 10kg / Birth – 12/15 months)
  • Height of Baby Safe: 57 cm
  • Width of Baby Safe: 44cm
  • Depth of Baby Safe: 65cm
  • Weight of Baby Safe: 3.9kg


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I was searching for a car seat for my expected, I wanted more safety features than pleasing appearance and found this article super helpful. Never heard of D-sip technology before, but now I will not buy a car seat without this feature. Definitely a Britax for me. Super review Lone-Parenting 5 Stars