School Bully

school bully
The classic “School Bully”
The school bully is always the worst kind of bully. The first encounter of bullying usually happens at school by the school bully. The following information is to inform and support the parents of bullied children in their times of need. Mums and dads read on and have your eyes opened about how a real school bully chooses their next victim in the education setting and how they begin to torment, tease and bully the other children in their class, yeargroup or school.

The definition of a school bully is where a child keeps doing or saying things to have power over another child. You as parents will be able to support and educate your child about the typical bullying patterns and teach your children how to recognise the signs of bullying in its earliest form. This can also be a good form of prevention, to stop the school bully from roaming the playground in search of children to tease and victimise.

school bullies
A playground bully has one of the worst kinds of behaviour

A playground bully has one of the worst kinds of behaviour, especially in young children. It is very common to bully children on the school playground and in other enclosed places like the cloakrooms and toilets. A school bully looks for children who are afraid, shy and usually have good behaviour and discipline at school. These children tend to make easy targets for a school bully as their shyness is often a viewed as a sign of weakness and tells the bully that the child will not run and tell the teacher about their situation.

Most young children will come face to face with bullying at one point or another in their school life. As for the playground bully, he or she has no specific age, gender or stereotype at all and could be the least expected child to be a bully. Nipping and pinching children is one of the most common ways in which bullying begins. The torment and teasing of children in the playground is commonly how the school bully will test the water to find their next victim.

All good Schools should have an anti bullying policy in place, so do not hesitate to share your worries with your childrens class teacher, talking to other parents on the school playground is not always the best aproach to dealing with bullying as things can soon get out of hand. Also the teachers at the school may not be aware of a situation until it escalates into something more serious

Quite often when a child is being bullied at school the first person that they will confide in will be their school teachers. The child really needs support at home too and good shool teacher will contact the childs parents to discuss the bullying situation. In a lot of cases a good school will have the anti bullying policy in place and will deal with any given situation promptly and carefully.