Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby Walker

Baby Weavers Walk N Rock in the neutral Sand colour
Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby walker in Sand colour

The Baby Weavers walk N Rock baby walker is a great tool for aiding the gross motor development of your baby. The Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby walker is ideal for use at home and is easy enough to transport should you have plans to visit relatives. The Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby walker allows your child to sit in a comfortable seat and use their legs to travel and explore their surroundings. The design of the Baby Weavers walk N Rock baby walker is both safe and comfortable for your child and has fun accessories on top of the tray for pleasure and stimulation whilst playing. The Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby walker is limited, in my opinion to a small range of colours, but I doubt that your child would notice this as they have a new mode of transport to explore the family home. I would have complete confidence with this product with any of my children acting as a test pilot. On first impressions the product looks smart and easy to use and perfect for children to play and roam around whilst anxious parents are waiting for their little leg workouts to pay off ready for their walking to commence. One of the only downsides to this product is that it performs better on a firm, hard surface and is not so good on carpets, which most households have.


Blue Colour
Blue Colour

The baby Weavers baby Walk N Rock baby walker looks appealing and child friendly at first glance, but on close inspection their is so much more on offer. In the range their are only three colours available which is a shame, but still three colours are better than only one choice, right!

The range has a vibrant and stimulating pink colour for parents who want to buy a girlie option for their little angels, their is also a more masculine blue colour for the proud parents blessed with a boy. Lastly, for those parents who are not into the stereotypical pinks and blues for their children, their is a neutral option in the sand colour.

The sand colour, in my opinion is quite sterile and plain in comparison to the pink and blue, but it does the job that it was intended for just the same. The play tray looks fantastic and visually stimulating with a small range of toys attached for keeping the children entertained.


Playtray musical electronic toys
Playtray electronic and musical toys

The functionality of the Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby walker offers some great features, one of them being that it transforms from a baby walker into a baby rocker in a matter of minutes. The rocker style is ideal for your baby when they are able to sit up without propping or when they are starting their crawling phase. The rocker has a super padded footrest for both stability and comfort. The baby walker style is then ideal for the transition into the walking stage. There are three settings for the height of the walker, each is just an easy click and lock fitting, simple.

The seat is made to a good standard and is very comfortable. The backrest on the seat is not only padded and comfortable but, provides a great deal of support when the child is younger and protects the child from flopping out of the seat when they are sitting.

The play tray is easily removable and cleanable, but the best feature that the tray has to offer is the electronic and musical play accessories provided as stimulation or a boredom breaker. 


Pink Colour
Pink Colour

The Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby walker is so easy to assemble ready for use. The set-up instructions are printed in several languages and are easy to understand. Once the baby walker is fully assembled then the child can use this straight away. Every edge is smooth and safe.

As earlier mentioned, there are two styles to this product. The first is the rocker, which allows the baby to sit and rock away with the playtray for amusement. the second is the walker, which gives children that freedom to explore their environment in some detail. The transformation from rocker to walker happens at the release of a switch, which is very simple. The height settings also take a few mere seconds to adjust and are no problem at all.

Value for Money

Baby Weavers rocker style
Baby Weavers rocker style

Bearing in mind that the Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby walker is one of the top end baby rocker/walkers and that this is reflected in the price range. Most leading child care retailers are offering this product at around the £70 mark. having done my research though I can tell you that I found this product available at Mothercare for £53, a massive saving and at John Lewis, their own version is a mere £40, so look for that bargain to be had.

My personal opinion is that this is fairly expensive in comparison to other leading manufactures with products that offer the same experience and do the same job for considerably less money. However each parent knows their own spending budget and all I can do is advise that you shop around for the best price before making that purchase.


Blue playtray with musical electronic toys
Blue playtray with musical electronic toys

Specifications of the Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby walker are as follows:

  • Group 6 months +
  • Height of Walk N Rock: 52cm
  • Width of Walk N Rock: 65cm
  • Depth of Walk N Rock: 70cm
  • Weight of Walk N Rock: 5.3kg

The Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby walker complies with British Safety Standard –  BS EN 1273/2005

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Baby Weavers Walk N Rock baby Walker
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