About Lone Parenting

About Lone Parenting
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About Lone Parenting explains the new revised Lone Parenting site. Welcome to Lone Parenting, where our aim is to raise awareness of the struggles and situations that single parent families face and often go through alone. Lone Parenting is a non profit making parenting support website dedicated to provide family based support, advice and information covering all aspects of parenting whether you are a single mum, weekend dad, married, divorced, separated or a teenager in trouble. The site is run by a highly experienced support team on a voluntary basis. We have managed to iron out some minor issues that were stopping users from writing their own articles and experieces. You are now able to sign up to lone parenting and join the team here who write for this site, sharing your own knowledge and experience and help to contribute to the UK’s Lone Parenting community.

If you wish to be a part of the team and have any problems signing up to lone parenting or even have ideas of new advantages or new features that could be added to lone parenting site then please send an email to the lone parenting support team using the contact us form on the lower side menu.

Support, Advice and Information

The aim of Lone Parenting is to raise awareness of single parents and offer detailed and friendly support, advice and information for the whole family. We cover a vast range of popular topics to create and stimulate talking points and discussions for the whole family unit.

Behaviour has a variety of content and images on different types of behaviour and situations like bullying that can arise through behaviour choices. Lone Parenting are here to support your needs and offer advice to children in very delicate situations and offer them help, information and reassurance of how to handle the situation that they are facing. Also for parents there is a lot of support, advice and information here regarding the tell tale signs of bullying that are so often easily overlooked by unsuspecting parents.

Childhood Illness is very popular indeed and has a vast amount of content for you to browse through. Every mother, father and parent of any description has wondered about their poorly child and their symptoms of illness. We have detailed many of the most common childhood illnesses, including the signs and symptoms, the incubation periods right through to treatment and vaccinations to consider. Lone Parenting offer support, advice and information in a format that is very easy to read and advice is also very detailed, the word meningitis itself strikes fear into a mother and to be able to offer you support on how to use the meningitis glass test must be some relief. Advice and information to calm and reassure you as parents and carers for children is one of our objectives.

Children’s Furniture is a brand new category that has arise on Lone Parenting due to people requesting advice on what to do if you buy shoddy or inferior children’s furniture. We have looked into this and have decided to add articles about what to look for before you make purchases that will furnish a child’s room.

Children’s Needs will eventually go into further detail providing support, advice and information on sleep patterns, the importance of fresh air and exercise and when is it appropriate to praise or discipline your child. These are all contencious issues where the appropriate advice and information is vital.

Conditions and Disorders is also very poular amonst parents and families looking for support, advice and information. The need to know more is growing in demand and we are able to support you with information on common conditions such as Anorexia Nervosa and of course the more obscure disorders such as Aspergers Syndrome which has very little information on the net and causes great concern to parents who have no experience of Autistic children.

Eating Disorders and Diets are very poular amonst parents and families looking for support, advice and information. The need to know more is growing in demand and we need to stand united as parents and carers to tackle these eating habits and create a harmonious home environment. Faddy eating and diets can cause so much unwanted stress to the family unit and we are able to support you with information on common conditions such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa.

Employment at the moment is looking at giving support, advice and information to working families helping them to cope with the pressure of working and supporting a family. It will become a mass of content as this situation is becomming a contentious issue that is going to rouse a lot of information, advice and support amongst families and again the single parent families.

Family Advice will generally look at situations that arise within the family and require reassurance, support, advice and information with siuations such as teenager issues, coping with being a single parent, coping with the family and possibility of violence to name but a few topics. Support and advice here is vital and necessary for coping with growing issues.

Nutritional Information will show you in detail all of the requirements for a good healthy lifestyle. The support, advice and information is endless as the vitamins and minerals essential for our healthy bodies are all shown with easy to read information and diagrams of foods that are good to include in our diets. We all want our children to be healthy and grow and develop correctly.

Parental Routines is offering support, advice and information on how to manage your existing paretal routines, have you ever tried potty training and realised how hard it actually is to achieve. Well we will be able to offer you support via easy to read articles with a lot of advice and information and handy to know tips on parental routines.

Pregnancy is also one of the biggest factors in parenting for the need of support and information. So many young women are worried about Am i going to be a single parent?, What food is good or harmful to eat?, What medication is safe to take?, Do I plan for a pregnancy beforehand?. The questions are all answered and all aspects of pregnancy will be covered along with a week to week guide of the growth and development of the foetus. There is a lot of detailed support, advice and information on offer here as pregnancy is a major issue especially for a soon to be single parent.

Single Parents can look here for support, advice and information and see how other parents are coping with the pressures of raising a family alone and in some cases unsupported. Being a parent without being a single parent is no easy ride so reassurance and support is greatly required if we are to guide you through being a parent.

Weekly Pregnancy Calendar is brand new to the site and was requested by you! Weekly pregnancy calendar will offer you a week by week guide through the development and growth of your child from egg to foetus to baby. Although it is in the process of being added to the site, new weekly chunks will appear until completion. This is a subject that has been researched extensively and detailed very carefully in a format that is both easy and exciting to read.