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About Lone ParentingAbout lone Parenting, firstly welcome to the new revised Lone Parenting site. Lone Parenting is a parenting support website dedicated to provide family based support, advice and information covering all aspects of parenting whether you are a single mum, weekend dad, married, divorced, separated or a teenager in trouble. The site is run by a highly experienced support team on a voluntary basis. You can find out more about the lone Parenting support Team from the tab on the lower side menu.

We have managed to iron out some minor issues that were stopping users from writing their own articles and experieces. You are now able to sign up to lone parenting and join the team here who write for this site, sharing your own knowledge and experience and help to contribute to the UK's Lone Parenting community.

If you wish to be a part of the team and have any problems signing up to lone parenting or even have ideas of new advantages or new features that could be added to lone parenting site then please send an email to the lone parenting support team using the contact us form on the lower side menu.