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Meningitis Glass Test

Meningitis glass test The Meningitis Glass Test could save the life of your child, do not be afraid to use the meningitis glass test to see what happens to the rash when you roll it over the skin.

Try the meningitis glass test if you are unsure, you will put your mind at rest if it is not meningitis and act quickly if it is meningitis.


  • Get a small clear glass tumbler
  • Hold the glass on the skin where the septicaemia rash is visible
  • Roll the glass over the rash
  • Observe the glass test closely
  • If the rash DOES NOT DISSAPPEAR under the meningitis glass test then go to the hospital immediately!
  • If the rash fades or does dissappear under the meningitis glass test then contact your childs Gp and have your child double checked anyway.


Always keep a clean clear glass tumbler easily accessible so that you are able to carry out the meningitis glass test if needed.

Practice the meningitis glass test often so that you are familiar with your childs usual skin complexion and will know immediately when the septicaemia rash may be present.